Monday, April 24, 2017

Ellen's Esplanade Sew Along - Week 2

Now that you have your pieces cut out, time to get sewing!!  (I apologize in advance for the quality of pictures, my sewing hasn't been taking place until after dark on most nights and I don't want to stop to drag out the light box for every step!)

One quick announcement, if you post your finished Ellen's Esplanade on Instagram and use the #sewalongcwd you will have a chance to win a free pattern!!  If you aren't on instagram, go ahead and post it on the event or in the main FaceBook group and Christine will be able to post it for you!

Back to the sew along...
First, get the strap out of the way.  This is an easy step that is fast and nice to have done.

Swivel clips from Emmaline Bags - pretty and solid!

Then we are going to sew the side pockets.  My favorite tool for poking out the corners is this thing I found at Joann's.  I call it my 'pokey-out' tool.  I'm pretty sure that's not the official name...but when it goes missing and I I ask my kids to help me find it, they know what I mean.  ;)  (Found it on Amazon, can't remember if this is the right brand, but it looks right!)

Look at the pretty topstitching...if I had tried contrasting thread you can bet it would look like I was sewing during a hurricane...
When you install rivets, there are a few things that can help them turn out the best.  I use a leather punch to get the holes nice and clean, then use fray check to keep the holes stable.  There are several different tools to set the rivets, but I use a hand tool, tiny hammer and a piece of flagstone.
Leather punch tool that I acquired it from my husband...I'm going to blame the beat up condition on him.
That's MY hammer...I have to hide it so it doesn't go missing!

I'm using the small rivets, which just barely are long enough.  I think I'll have to go up a size for the corner rivets!
We're also going to finish off the outside this week!  Go ahead and go up through steps 5.  Make sure when you are lining up your pocket you read ALL the instructions.  I had to re-pin my side pockets because I didn't do that.  They should poof out and the edges should be straight!
Pocket is pinned in place and ready to sew!
 Keep posting your own progress pictures in the event, Part 2 will be coming up, where we finish it all and put it together, which should be done by May 1!

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