Thursday, April 13, 2017

You're Welcome - India Hobo Bag

Not only did I have the opportunity to sew up the fun Neon Character fabric, I also got to play with some pre-order strike offs.  This one is full of Little Maui, and totally cute! You can still preorder it for a few more days at the Little Hatcher, otherwise you'll have to wait for retail!  For another super fast project, I chose the India Hobo by Swoon (affiliated link), a VERY fast project!  I had to do the small one since I only had a fat half of fabric to work with.  I was able to cut ALL the outside main pieces from it and one side of the inner slip pocket.
These fabric look like they were made for each other!

Back zipper pocket

One of my embroidery panels from the weekend before ended up perfectly matching, the stingray tattoo from Thanks For the Adventure.  In case you can't remember or haven't seen it, that is the tattoo that the grandmother has in the movie....and even the fabric I stitched it on was a great match since it has glitter on it!  The yellow fabric is printed sparkles, so that it looks sparkly but is actually smooth and not metallic at all.  It's a kind of odd effect if you look really closely at the fabric, but it really gives it a unique and bright look!  There's no worry about the sparkles coming off and it's super soft to the touch!
Tried to get Maui on the gusset with my limited fabric, not too bad

This side looks even better!
Hobo bags are made to be slouchy, so the only interfacing the pattern calls for is SF101.  I cut extra pieces so that the straps and gussets had 2 layers of interfacing on the stretchy fabric and that seemed to give them a bit more structure and support, but it is still nice and floppy.
Fabric is a batik style with glitter on it.  Amazing teals could be either space or the ocean!

The purse is reversible, so if the gold was a little overwhelming, you can always switch to the teal sparkly fabric on the outside with just a pocket of the gold.

There are a slip pocket and zipper pocket on both the outside and inside, plus the main compartment is nice and deep so that you can fill it up with just about anything!  The finished size ended up being 11"x8"x3.5", so not a tiny purse by any means!

 This purse is currently available for sale, $55 (includes shipping in US).  Send an email to to claim it!

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