Thursday, February 19, 2015

Betty Bowler by Swoon (better pictures!)

I really do love how this bag turned out, simple yet so pretty!  I may have to make a few more - I have some glitter canvas begging to be used on a purse!  The Swoon patterns are so elegant, and this one was MUCH faster than the Stella diaper bag!
(Front of the bag with zipper pocket)

(Zipper open)
(It has purple lining, to match the stripes!)

(Back, no pocket)
 I really had to resist, the purple stripe is very bold, but it was begging for some sort of embroidery...but that wasn't what the customers asked for!  I think I need to learn to digitize, a repeat of the black and white pattern on the purple stripe would have been so amazing!

(Inside has a slip pocket on one side, with sparkly silver piping on the top, to match the dots!)

If (when) I make another one, I'll try to take pictures to show a different method of final assembly, for those who (like me) have trouble getting the drop in liner to sit just right.  Not sure when that will be, next up is a My Little Pony hobo bag and two Doctor Who bags!

(And some bag bling, because I still don't have my own tags!)

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