Friday, February 6, 2015

Gemini Pouch - Pattern testing plus you can get it for FREE!!

Once again I was able to test out a design for Christine of ChrisW Designs.  This one is a super fast and fun pouch, and the best part? You can get it for free if you join the facebook fan group!  This pouch is great for showcasing some embroidery or small bits of your favorite fabrics. Or trying out new fabrics!
(Note to self, next time use a color that stands out more.)

(The obligatory "I just finished and have to take a picture because it turned out even better than I imagined!" picture)
I've seen a lot of great purses lately made with glitter vinyl and while I've used it extensively on my embroidery machine, I've never sewn with it.  I decided to try one piece (and had to embroider it of course!) and it wasn't that bad at all!  I took my time with the stitching because if you screw up, those holes are THERE forever!  The top stitching helps to hold it in place, otherwise the seams might try to go a bit wonky.

(I can't capture how pretty the glitter vinyl is in person.  The sparkles don't photograph well, but trust me, it's PRETTY!!)
The pouch is a quick sew, definitely a weekend project (and a normal weekend, not a super long holiday one!) and Christine's instructions are easy to follow.  Right now mine is holding crochet hooks and supplies that usually get lost in the bottom of my tote bag!  As a bonus, with the pouch folded in half it stands up.  I'm not sure if the vinyl is the only reason it does that, but it's kind of nice!

(Why yes, the zippers really don't match each other, but I was able to make this with only supplies I had on hand!)

The heart embroidery came with my machine, but the "Make Beautiful Things" came from Urban Threads (have I mentioned lately how awesome their designs are??)

I hope to see several of these pouches popping up, they are so fun to make and easily customizable!


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