Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Teeny Tiny Tins of CUTENESS!

I've always loved small stuff, in high school I even collected miniature ceramic figures we'd find on vacation.  I had a tiny pail of spilled milk with a kitten lapping it that was one of my favorites.  I haven't seen those around much lately (Maybe because I don't seem to go on vacation to places that have them?) but I still love 'little' things.  These tins fill my 'teeny' need and they are something that can actually be played with, not just admired and dusted!  Using my embroidery machine to make them is just a bonus because I just pick the materials and read a book while it goes to work!  I found the patterns at Sewing for Sarah on Etsy.

(Three of the designs, next time I think the finger puppet animals and mermaid might need some applique!)
(Inside with various pieces and decorations!)
They are great little busy tins, some are finger puppets, some are stuffies, and there are even tic-tac-toe games that stay inside the tin.  Too much cuteness for such a tiny space!  If I ever manage to pry them out of the hands of my kids, some might even make it to our etsy store...

(They can be done with applique or just different colors)
(The shells are appliqued straight onto the water, which has waves that are a little hard to see on the sparkle)

(Two identical tins for brothers)

The only drawback to these designs is that until I find someone that loves mints I now have an abundance of curiously strong mints, but on the plus side, my breath has never smelled better!  ;)

Each of the pieces stitches out in one hoop of my little 4x4 machine, but some of the smaller pieces could probably be combined to stitch more than one at a time.  I did the teddy bear in some buttery soft vinyl, he's not fuzzy, but still soft to the touch!

(Pieces waiting for trimming)

(Teddy Bear House Tin)
(Inside, cute little window and bed!)
 I just need more hours in the day so I have time to make lots of fun and cute stuff!

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