Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Flower Power! or, Totally Intimidating Projects That Turn Out to be 'Not That Bad'

You know those patterns you buy and think "Oooh, this is AWESOME, I totally want to make this!" and then you look at it later and think "ugh, that's going to be a TON of work, maybe someday I'll do it..."  That was THIS pattern for me.  An adorable flowered headband that my youngest saw and loved so I bought it, and then I looked at the file realized it had many, many pieces.  Finally I just forced myself to sit down and make it, and surprisingly enough, it didn't take me 27 days to make!  I finished it in just 2 days, which makes me think that maybe I should make a few more and see if they are a good thing for craft fairs and etsy.

(So many pieces to cut and glue on!  But worth it in the end!)

I love the felt look, but some glitter vinyl is begging to be tried, and then I was wondering how blue flowers would look...it would even be cute as a flower girl headband in colors to match the wedding!  Or what about an all daisy headband?  I think I should jump on the motivation while I still have it and try to whip out a few before something else shiny distracts me!

I put ribbon on the back so it adjusts from about 11" to big enough for my head (flowers go from ear to ear around the front of my head!)  Time to make more so I can get more pictures!

(My model held still for a moment and then was off again!)


  1. I love this!!!! It will be my first project 😀

    1. It is a great pattern, but be prepared to stitch a LOT of flowers to get it nice and full! I think the roses do 2 per hoop, the daisy is one full flower per hoop, and the pansy is 1 per hoop too. It's one of the times I wish I had a bigger hoop so I could do more at once! I take them with me to cut when I have time, like waiting for kids after school. I leave piles of thread everywhere I go LOL!


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