Wednesday, April 1, 2015

WIP Wednesday - April Fools!

My son was trying to trick me this morning as I stumbled my way to getting ready for work, but for some reason I didn't fall for his "There's no school today" trick, or even the "Daddy said that on April 1st we can be as late as we want" trick.  I hope he tricks someone today, it would totally make his day!

However, no tricking going on here, unless you count tricking my brain into thinking it is awake after only one cup of coffee...
(Embroidered and quilted.  Makes me wish I was better at free motion quilting, I'd add in all KINDS of cool stuff, like sea shells and ... stuff)

WIP:  Sewing - February bag of the month (Hyacinth) is almost finished!  I just have to take out some stitches where I went a little crazy (super speed machine took off and left me in the dust), then hand sew it shut.  Look for some good pictures soon! I love this Tula Pink fabric!
(Probably my most favorite fabric of all time.  My last large scrap went into this pocket!)

Crochet - a size 18-24 month purple sparkly tutu is over halfway finished!  Just have to decide what color tulle to use...

UFO's:  I WILL sew the crayon rolls I've had cut out since last October before I do the Next In Line!

Next In Line:  March's bag of the month in Doctor Who fabrics.  Nothing has jumped the line yet, but the newest bag of the month release is calling my name!  And there may be a concealed carry Doctor Who purse in my future.  ;)

What is next on your plate?  Any fun projects in the works? I love comments!

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