Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Serendipity Hip Sew Along Week 1

We are already 5 days into the sew along and um...I picked my fabric and cut out my pattern!  Busy people of the world our free time!  ;)  I do have my pattern, fabric, and notions all gathered together in a stylish freezer bag...that should count for something!  Make sure that you have joined in on the fun with the ChrisW Designs Facebook group!

(It's all in there!)

The current WIP is STILL the concealed carry purse.  I had to rip out a few seams to trim it down, so now it's ready to be finished!

(Late night picture of the slip pockets for one of the inside pieces)

(This will be a flap for an inner gusset pocket to hold a magazine or other little things you don't want to fall out)
I did procrastinate a little to make a few things on the embroidery machine.  My first attempt at a Red work hair accessory holder didn't exactly turn out I contacted the designer and she came up with FOUR versions!  Now I can make Elsa, Cinderella, Rapunzel and a blank one to hold monograms, flowers, etc, and they look MUCH better than mine!  Finally an excuse to buy more, I mean use up my stash!
(So maybe I should watermark all my pictures with either the etsy shop name or my blog?  I'll get to that, eventually...)

I'm also working on stockpiling Darth Vader snaps to make more Imperial snap tabs, right now my supply is limited so not all the new tabs will have a Vader snap.  I almost bought a few hundred when they came out for a limited run, but silly me, I thought I'd never use them.  That is why you should hoard craft supplies!! LOL

(Storm Troopers and Imerial Cogs)
WIP Crochet:  I almost have the tutu finished, somehow illness made me not eager to handle stuff for other people.  I also had planned to make 10 newborn sized hats to donate to the hospital for a challenge this month...I have one almost finished but it looks HUGE and I feel sorry for the mom that delivers a baby that fits in it right away.  Ouch.

UFO:  Elsa lovey has been languishing in the bottom of the bag, waiting for a head, arms, hair, and a cape.  So really it's just a giant washcloth right now?  Teeny blanket?

This is going to be a busy weekend, trying to finish up the Concealed Carry purse, get started on the sew along, organize my sewing area, make a few more bows and holders, keep my kids from going feral...


  1. You are even busier than I am! I think I need a! Cool projects!

    1. LOL, I could go for a nap most days...but I drink more coffee and keep going!


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