Thursday, April 23, 2015

Serendipity Hip Sew Along - Prep Work and Schedule

It's almost time to start the sew along!  If you are an overachiever, you may have already finished one bag (not me, I haven't even cut out the pattern!)  Make sure you have the correct pattern, the Serendipity Hip by ChrisW Designs!

Official Start is Saturday, April 25.  If you want to be able to jump right in, I suggest you have your pattern pieces printed and cut out, and read the pattern at least once.  Gather up the supplies you need, if you are having trouble deciding on fabrics, post it in the group, we love looking at everyone else's pretty fabrics and giving advice!

(One of my fabric choices - would be a very fun purse!)

April 25-May 1:  Cut out all pieces, fuse all interfacing

May 1-May 8:  Steps 1-9 - outside pockets and zippers, straps and strap tabs, inside pockets

May 8-May 18:  Step 10 - top zipper - this is the trickiest part, but it's not that bad and we are here to help! Final steps, 11 and 12 - putting it all together

The sew along will finish May 18, so be sure to have pictures of your finished bag in the album by May 18 to be entered for the 'best in show' prize!  Plus there will be a few randomly chosen winners from all the people commenting and posting in the event, so don't be shy!

This purse is a relatively quick sew, so I may even have time to make a second one, but picking the fabric will probably take me longer than actual sewing.  Here's some of my newest of my choices, I just can't decide!


  1. Thanks for the schedule. Hope to actually finish mine this week, if I can get my 3rd Lombard Street finished for a customer.

  2. If you can whip out a Lombard Street, this purse will be a fast sew for you!

  3. Just now checking in on the blog post for this awesome sew along. Thanks so much for taking care of the details for us. I get so busy prepping pieces and interfacings that I forget to take pictures of my own progress. One thing leads to another and before I know it, I am done! I love your stash and of course the sushi :D

    1. Thanks for sewing along with me! I try to remember to take pictures, but when you get going, it's hard to stop and try to get a good pic, plus my photography skills still need a LOT of work. ;)


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