Wednesday, April 15, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Moving right along

Last weekend I finally got moving on the new purse, it's all cut out and about 1/2 finished!  For the front pockets I appliqued on some Doctor Who images in vinyl, but it turns out they are slightly off center.  Oh well, it's for me, I'll live with it!
(She can't look at how off center it is, it makes her weep!)
I'm planning on finishing this purse in the next 2 days so I can carry it at the convention this weekend.  We don't really do costumes any more, so I have to show my nerd love some other way!

I started making some Star Wars key fobs last week, and once my machine decided to stop trying to eat the vinyl, they came out pretty cool!  This was before the snaps were on, but I have 7 other patterns begging to be made!

WIP Crochet:  STILL working on the 2T tutu, there was an incident with me not paying attention and doing whatever I wanted that lead to ripping out 2 whole rows.  Now I'm trying to make the yarn last long enough to finish the top, it's going to be close!

UFO:  I think I have enough on my plate for now, hopefully soon I can go back and finish up some UFO's like the crayon rolls and putting together more flowered crowns!

NIL:  Still Doctor Who concealed carry bag, crochet hook case, and now a new Swoon purse for a birthday present.  Good thing my new sewing machine is AWESOME and can sew at light speed!  LOL!

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