Monday, April 20, 2015

Redwork Embroidery (P.S., It's not always Red!)

One of the "newest" styles of embroidery that I'm seeing around is the line drawings of characters.  From famous characters to cute animals, it's something I can totally get behind!  The designs are simple but super cute!
(Just a few of the designs I now own - stitched on glitter vinyl with felt backing)

I was not familiar with the term 'Redwork' but my extensive (one minute) search of the internet informed me that it is a surface embroidery traditionally done in red thread, but pretty much any single color thread can be done now.  There is some interesting background on it, such as it starting in the 1800's and why the thread was red (first colorfast thread they came up with). So I guess it's not technically new, but it's a new trend in machine embroidery!

No matter if you are interested in the history or not, there are tons of designs available!  The best part is that the simple designs are great for adding to t-shirts and fabric because they won't distort the fabric due to heavy stitching.  I am loving the stuff from KM Designs! There is a fox design I have my eye on that I need a project/excuse to buy it...

(Finished in time to wear to the new Cinderella movie, which we LOVED!)

I don't know why, but I expected these to be tiny, so when they stitched out this large I wasn't sure what I would do with them.  Originally I planned on making them ribbon bow centers, but I think they are cute just as is on a headband or clip!  I'm going to make a few into pins, for those who are 'too cool' for hair accessories but still want to show their princess love!  Or maybe some snap tabs and key chains?  I need more ideas because I can't stop making them!! 

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