Monday, June 15, 2015

A Fun Little Pouch With Zipper and Wrist Strap!

I was asked to make a zipper pouch to match the latest Necessary Clutch Wallet, and of course I had no luck finding a pattern that I liked.  Instead I decided "It can't be that hard" (famous last words) and just started writing measurements down and cut like a fiend.  Now that it is together, I know what I would change (shorter zipper pouch, wider over all, different assembly) and I will try to make a tutorial for it soon-ish...

And I apologize, my camera doesn't know where to focus on this fabric, but I swear just about every picture I took of it ended up blurry.  At least you can get the general idea...and when I do a tutorial, definitely using different fabric!


The zipper pocket was made as a separate piece and sewn in similar to the NCW assembly, which makes for thick sides.  I originally had fleece inside the zipper pouch too, but that was WAY too thick!  Even the fleece in the pouch might be too much, but it will keep a nice shape for sure!

A snap to close is an easy finish, and no worrying about magnets or cutting for twist locks (which would by itself probably cost more than all the fabric used in the pouch).
(Finally, one in focus...shot of the back)
(The set together)

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