Thursday, June 25, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Wait, where did June go??

This is the last Wednesday of June!  I'm not ready for July, too many birthdays (including my own) and too much heat! 

I did get a lot finished last week, not everything I wanted, but more than I expected!  Snap tabs galore, about 10 doodle pals, tons of back to sewing orders!
(Anyone need a snap tab/key chain?)
(Little hand sized stuffies for coloring!)

I've also been trying to improve my photo skills.  Who knew all that scrapbook paper I hoarded, er, collected would come in so handy??


Sewing - still have the wallet test on the back burner, but it's coming out soon and Christine has already done a few sneak peaks (and named it!) so I need to get the Pick A Pocket Wallet done ASAP!  I think it's more of a UFO at this point than a WIP...

Seneca Purse from the bag of the month club.  This is going to be a cute little purse, when I finally finish!  It's over halfway finished, but the strap out of microsuede is intimidating me.  And it's also picking up every stray thread in my sewing area.  Fuzzy fabric is so much fun to sew with.

Crochet - yep, still the loveys.  I think I added a few more strands of hair to Elsa's head, but that's about it.  I'm resisting the urge to start a new project, but I may give in just so I get motivated to crochet again!

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