Monday, June 1, 2015

The Penny Inn - June Bag of the Month Club Pattern

I got a jump start on June's Bag of the Month club thanks to being chosen to test the pattern for Christine of ChrisW designs!  It's a good thing because I don't know if I would have made the time for it until much later in the year otherwise!  The pattern looks complicated and involved, and with so many pages of pattern it is easy to get overwhelmed, but this is a GREAT pattern!  Read it through a few times, and then jump in, you won't be disappointed!
(The Penny Inn, By ChrisW Designs)

(Front snapped up but top flap open)

I used my stash of Tula Pink Bats in the Belfry and Tudor Windows, along with some Michael Miller Fairy Frost to make my wallet, which is a bit of a gamble when you are pattern testing, but Christine writes such nice patterns that I was willing to take the risk.  ;)

(Middle section has 2 zippered pockets, 8 card slots, plus 1 slip pocket with a bottom and 3 sections you can put more stuff in, like a cell phone and check books!)
I didn't have the lovely large lock the pattern calls for on hand so I went with a heart shaped twist lock that I had ordered a few weeks earlier with no clear purpose in mind (Who me, buy supplies just because I like them? Who does that??? LOL)  I did struggle a bit with the twist lock, but once I took a hammer to the area it went much easier.  Don't be afraid to give it a few whacks if you are having trouble with the thickness!
(After spending about 20 minutes trying to force the screws to catch, I took the hammer to the area and it finally went together.  Should have beaten it much sooner!)

I also didn't feel like searching for my metal snaps, so I grabbed some matching Kam Snaps for my tab and it worked fine!  As a bonus, they matched the fabric perfectly!

I can't stress enough how careful you need to be around the clear plastic id pocket, I barely got the iron near it and cause a little warping!  I was super careful after ruining that other wallet last year, but not quite careful enough.  Good thing this is for me, I can live with the little flaw!  Next time will be better! 

(12 more card slots, another zippered pocket, and an ID pocket. I should have enough card pockets...hopefully!)
I left off the strap hardware, but I might go back and add in the rivets for 'fancy' when I find some double cap ones I like.  

(Back.  I love that bat!)


  1. It's beautiful, Rachel--and the heart clasp makes it really special, too. The colors are so pretty, and the fabrics coordinate very well together (and I didn't even notice the bats on the fabric until the VERY end!!!) It's a great wallet! :)

  2. Looks great...cutting mine out right now. Enjoyed your blog...will remember the hammer trick.


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