Monday, June 29, 2015

Geeky Love - Snap Tabs, Key Chains and more!

I love being able to show off tv shows and movies that I love, but without it being a HUGE IN YOUR FACE type thing!  The keychains and snap tabs are perfect for that little nod to everyone else that loves the same stuff and will recognize what an Adipose is, or where this symbol comes from...

I'm still working my way through all the Star Wars symbols, but now I have added R2-D2 to the available list, he's so adorable!  I wonder if I did him in red or orange if it would look enough like some other droids...
As a bow!
We can't forget the other fandoms!  And if you would like one of your very own, visit our Etsy shop or email a request!


Harry Potter!


My favorites are the glitter vinyl versions, but there's something to be said for plain vinyl too!

A little science love...can't forget the nerds either!

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