Monday, June 8, 2015

Lunch Time! Barbie Insulated Quick Zip Lunch Bag

I bought the Quick Zip Lunch Bag pattern a while ago from the Dog Under My Desk website (last year or the year before?) and some PUL to make a wipe-able interior but as is my sometimes habit, never got around to it...Finally I had a birthday request to use some AWESOME Barbie fabric we found at Joann's and knew that the lunch bag would be perfect.

(Barbie through the years, the 80's exercise Barbie is AWESOME!)

This is actually a pretty quick pattern, unless you are futzing around and watching a new show at the same time...It only took me a day to make the bag but I probably could have gotten it done in a few hours if I really focused!  I used fleece insulation that has a shiny metal reflective layer to hopefully keep it a little more insulated.  Since that stuff is super stiff, I only used felt on the inside layer and sewed it into the seams instead of trying to fuse anything to PUL (probably would melt if you iron it too much?)

The pattern was very easy to follow and well put together, but next time I think I'll add on an outside pocket for silverware and napkins, or maybe just a zippered outside pocket for 'non-cold' snacks.

A few things I learned when working with PUL:
1. Don't try to cut 2 pieces at once, especially if you have them 'slick' sides together.
2. Don't use pins, extra holes aren't going to 'blend' back in like they do on cotton.
3. Use lots of clips to keep things aligned.  LOTS OF CLIPS
4. Don't make your stitch length too short or you could end up with what essentially is a tear line.  Like perforated paper...

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