Wednesday, June 17, 2015

UFO/WIP Wednesday - Craft Show Season Already??

I always think of November and December as prime craft show time, but now you can find shows in the summer, spring and fall!  Fortunately for me, my crafty partner in crime takes care of all the details and all I have to do is throw finished stuff at her.  Unfortunately for me, that means I need to have finished stuff to throw at her!  That means a few nights of frantic cutting, sewing and gluing to finish up everything I've been slowly making over time and stashing everywhere.  I like the making part of the process, but finishing rarely happens because I'll get distracted by new projects. 

(Bows, felties, hair combs, snap tabs, and ornaments ready for assembly)
I found 3 (smallish) bags of embroidery projects, waiting for cutting and assembly - gluing, snaps added, ribbon melted, or pieces missing.  After about an hour and a half, I had my fingers covered in glue and several finally put together!  And at the same time I was running my embroidery machine to try to whip out a few more doodle pals. 

Tonight is snaps, more gluing, matching up headbands, stitching out more sliders (the boring back rectangles that really finish the bows), and more doodle stitching.  Then it's finally back to orders!
Seneca Bag from the Bag of the Month Club - I'm actually already using a 4th pattern from the club, so much better than last year!  Already halfway cut out, hoping it is a fast sew once I get time to finish it!
Pattern testing another wallet, sneak peak is up on Christine's website! Go take a look and if you can come up with a name for it, you could win the pattern!
Still the loveys.  I will finish them!  At this rate it may take until Christmas since I'm getting about 2 rounds a week done...
ALL the bows!  All the snap tabs! 
Evelyn handbag in glitter vinyl and more Tula Pink Fabric
Crochet hook case in pink ribbon fabric
More bows and snap tabs for orders (Harry Potter bows!)
And in my spare time...
Design an awesome checkbook cover
So that should keep me busy for the next few months...who wants to go outside during summer anyway!

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