Thursday, August 13, 2015

Evelyn by Swoon - In Tula Pink!

Sometimes I feel so fancy, throwing names around like I know what I'm talking about...of course if you mention a clothing designer, I'll probably give you a blank stare and ask if I've met them....but I'm learning all the 'top' designers of handbag patterns and amazing quilting fabrics! 

My fancy handles, glitter vinyl with fabric to hide the seam

One of my favorites is Tula Pink, and her fabric is so much fun!  Not all of it is my favorite, but her animals are totally adorable and I love the 'extras' she throws in.  I came across some of this camping fabric and knew I needed it, but it wasn't until a sister-in-law picked it out for her birthday purse, along with the glitter vinyl, that I finally had a reason to cut into it.  These are not colors I would have normally put together, but they really work!  Sometimes stepping outside your comfort zone is a good thing!  The pattern is by Swoon, very stylish but surprisingly easy to make!

This was also my first time going 'full on vinyl' for a purse, even though it's just the overlays and straps.  Fabri-tac was my BFF.  And lots of clover clips.  Also books and my quilting ruler to protect the books (since they were library books...shhh).  I still need to work on the correct amount of glue...too little and they didn't stick, too much and I was peeling them off my ruler...

Look, the rivets are almost straight!

Front pocket, I tried to match it up, not too bad!
The pattern was very easy to follow, but I felt it lacked pockets, so I added on several...and then because I didn't want to detract from the fabric, I even did my best to match them up.  Next time I'll make the side pockets a little lower because they only fit small hands or slim phones right now...
One of the tiny side pockets...more pattern matching!

Total changes to pattern:  increased strap length, added 3 outside pockets

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