Wednesday, August 19, 2015

WIP Wednesday, UFO Challenge, Pick a Pocket Sew Along - Over Halfway through August!

How is everyone doing on their UFO pile?  I admit...mine is crawling along.  Now that the quilt top is finished, and I'm on track for the Pick A Pocket Wallet sew along, I feel like I'll have a little breathing room to work on the loveys.  Recently I decided to reorganize my sewing storage area and ran across MANY more UFO' I need to finish these so I can get started on the rest I found!  I have one arm, hair, and putting it all together left for the 2 loveys.

Pick a Pocket Sew Along:
Still working on the wallets...I have them interfaced, the tabs sewn (but not top-stitched or snaps on) and started working on the first zippered pocket.  After half an hour of trying to make sure I had the zippered pocket the right way...I think I finally figured it out!  I hope anyway...

My first attempt had me drawing the box on the 8" side.  Which was not correct.  

Then I remeasured and realized that to get the nearly 3/8" on each side, I had to go to the 7 3/4" edge.  Good thing that is a frixon pen and it will fade when I iron!  I turn things all around when I'm cutting, so I didn't mark the top!  When I pinned it in place and sewed, the edge of the zipper pocket is going to be RIGHT by the fold of the wallet.  I think I did it right this time, but the good news is that if I didn't, it's a hidden pocket that no one will realize is a smidge smaller than it should be.  ;)

And because my life isn't crazy enough as it is, I decided it was time to start using up some of my giant stash of flannel from Joann's black Friday sales...I need to use up at least 2 bolts if I want to have room to buy more this year!  Urban Threads has an ADORABLE set of piles of sleeping creatures that are begging to be put on flannel receiving blankets!  How can you say no to sleeping dragons?? 
 Unicorns sleeping on pink stars??? Awwww!

I'm hoping to get a few done before the craft fair season so I can have them for people to see in person.  It would be super easy to personalize these too!  I think the finished size will be around 34" square and they will be 2 layers of flannel.  If I have a coordinate (not likely since originally I bought flannel for PJ pants and mostly to pet) they might go on the back.  Otherwise it will be one plain side and one with the embroidered corner. 

2 wallets for the sew along
2 blankets need backs cut and then sewn together

Elsa lovey
princess lovey
goldfish lovey
dragon lovey

On the back burner:
Quilt top is finished, waiting for the batting and then I can choose a backing.

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