Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pick A Pocket Wallet - Inside Out Edition

I am so glad to have this wallet finished.  For being an 'easy' version, I sure managed to screw up or second guess myself every step of the way!  This was my first time doing it with the second zippered pocket, so of course I screwed that up too!  The good news is that I took notes as I fixed my mistakes...the bad news is that I'll probably lose those notes...

My 'customer' was very happy with the way the wallet turned out, now she's trying to convince me that she needs to carry my cards and money...not going to happen LOL!

The outside HAD to have Joy and Anger, but of course they weren't right next to each other on the fabric.  We compromised and Anger went on the tab. I think it turned out cute!

Her favorite character...we still haven't seen the movie!
It's like he's yelling at you when you go to spend money!
 The other side has Disgust and Fear.  She also likes Disgust, but not Fear as much...
 Inside I managed to get everything in backwards, so the card slots should be on the tab side, but that would have messed up access to the zipper!

 Don't look too closely at my top stitching, it looks fine on the outside but not as good inside for some least my machine went through all the layers with no issues!
 Yay!  I didn't melt the plastic! 

This still needs metal corners, but I'll see if she wants them added on.  I have some that are split, so I might be able to put them on all 4 corners and still have access to the phone pocket.  Not that my 6 year old has a phone of her own, but hopefully this wallet will last a long time before she gets tired of the characters!  (wishful thinking, I know)

Don't forget to pick up your own copy of the Pick A Pocket Wallet HERE!  And you still have time to join the sew along on Facebook!


  1. It really turned out AWESOME despite your mishaps! ;) LOVE it!

    1. Thanks! It's definitely still useable, and I think the 'changes' give it character ;)


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