Monday, August 24, 2015

Pick A Pocket Sew Along - Week 3

I hope everyone is moving along on their wallets, I'm almost halfway done with my first and with a few more hours of sewing time, will be totally finished!  Don't forget to check out Christine's blog for tricks and tips!  And share your pictures in the FaceBook group!

I took Ellen's tip about making the template for the pockets, and I LOVE it!  I think I will finally defeat the pockets and get them evenly spaced!  I did learn that you need to make sure the pen you grab ISN'T the frixxon pen...even on cardboard it will disappear with ironing...oops!

Piece of cardboard from a fat quarter

I really love the zipper double sided tape, but mine wandered off, so I had to use my fabric glue stick.  I picked this one up at a discount store, and it works pretty good, but not as great as the tape!

Zipper!  Got it in the right place the first time, yay!

I didn't get my stopping point picture last night, too tired and too late since I didn't start until around dinner time.  I have the pockets with the ID window mostly finished (needs ironed and top stitched), the pocket behind it half sewn (kept sewing it too short and had to rip seams 3 times to get it to match up).  My outside is all fused and tucked in, but I realized I forgot to add the snaps!  Something else to do tonight...

Still need to finish: 
Snaps - let my 'customer' pick the colors
iron the card pocket very carefully so I don't melt the vinyl
fix the pocket that goes behind it
zippered pocket for the other side

And then repeat again for the next wallet!  Still have over 2 weeks left to finish, plenty of time!

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