Wednesday, August 26, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Week 3 of the Pick a Pocket Sew Along, UFO Challenge, etc

I finally finished something!!  The first wallet for the Sew Along is done!!  I somehow managed to put the inside and outside main pieces together backwards, which led to everything being put together on opposite sides, but it still works! 

Next up on the WIP list:

Going to try to bust out a pencil case by Thursday so it can get there in time for the first day of school...we'll see if that happens!  I do LOVE this embroidery tho, I need to find something to put it on for myself...Best news is that right now this is the freebie from Urban Threads, so I got all the sizes, for when I have a bigger machine.  ;)

Right now it's a freebie on!
Tardis Wallet - first set of pockets are put together (did them with the others thanks to the template!) Maybe this time I'll get it all together in the 'correct' way.  And by correct, I mean, without using the seam ripper several times for each piece.  Jack the seam ripper did get a good workout on the Inside Out wallet...that's what I get for trying to sew from memory instead of consulting the pattern before I started...

UFO Challenge:

Need to make hair for the princess lovey, and maybe wings.  Still have 5 more days of this month to finish her and meet my 'finish 2 UFO's' goal!


No orders hanging over my head, so time to build up stock for the shop!  I think there will be some more Tula Pink purses coming soon...although if anyone wants a purse, now is a great time to start thinking of Christmas presents! ;)

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