Monday, August 31, 2015

Pencil Pouches and School Supplies - Rush Edition!

There's nothing like realizing that school is starting in less than a week to cause panic and bring on the rush requests!  Last week I had a request for a donut pencil case, and as I was working on that, my oldest child decided she needed a new pencil case, too.  The first one finished was my own pattern, and hopefully I'll have a tutorial up for it soon!  Featuring embroidery from, it turned out pretty good!
Finished size is around 9"x10", so it has LOTS of room!

The "I (donut) care" file had to be 'boy-ed' up, but I still used my pink donut fabric for the inside. 
More Donuts!

Plenty of room on the back for more embroidery!  Or if you are artistic, sharpie doodle room!
I used a jeans zipper, so hopefully that will give it a little more durability.  And then I added a strip of vinyl to the opposite side, which if you wanted to add some metal grommets, would allow the case to be clipped into a binder.  Maybe the next one will have grommets...when I find some in gold.

The second pencil case also features more embroidery, this time an adorable pile of sleeping gargoyles!  We think the look more like winged cats, but either way, TOO CUTE!!

It had been filled by the time I was ready to take a picture, so all of that on the sides fits inside!
For this pencil case I used the free Gemini Pouch pattern from ChrisW designs.  For now it is an exclusive to her FaceBook Fan group, but you can join HERE!

Inside has 2 separate pockets
The embroidery was slightly too big, so I ended up moving it to the back. I think I like it there more!  The patch is done on white felt, I'm curious to see how it holds up over time.  I used fabri-tac to hold it in place, and then a satin stitch around the edge to attach it to the back fabric piece before I sewed everything together.  Not bad for a rush job!  The pattern is actually pretty fast, even if you are tired and trying to finish twenty other things at the same time.  ;)

Jam packed with supplies
Meanwhile, one of my also going on at the same time projects was a patch for another new backpack.... Yet another Urban Threads design!  (Yes, I LOVE THEM!!!)  This one is a 'science' crest, for my little scientist.  I really prefer to do patches on duck cloth, but I only had black felt on hand.  Time to stock up on more supplies!

And then, since one child needed to have ear buds, which I could see getting lost easily, I made him a quick cord wrap with his name on it.  I still need to practice my placement a little, and see if I can find a font that likes vinyl so it doesn't sink in... at least I had Mine Craft snaps to make it more awesome!

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