Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Factotum Sew Along Update

How is everyone doing on the sew along? We are almost caught up to the schedule, so the next video will be for the front pocket and flap (Maybe today, maybe in a week...)!  The straps video is up, if you need that! 
Still need to cut the lining and ALL the interfacing...
I'm trying to catch up with Amanda, so if you are in the slow lane with me, don't feel too bad! The good news for us slow pokes is that Amanda has to take a week off and won't be able to work on hers, so we have a chance to maybe even get ahead! (A girl can dream, can't she?)
D'oh, there's a back side with more to cut!
I love the checklist in the pattern, it keeps me on track and if those labels happen to wander off, I'm still going to end up cutting all the pieces!  I print it out and slip mine inside a sheet protector so I can mark them off and if I ever make the pattern again, I have it ready to go!  (Highly doubtful, I'd have to charge $$$$ for a custom made one and I'm not sure my customers are ready for that!)
One way is mermaid scales

The other direction is fish scales...or maybe I'm switched?
If you are ready to move onto the next steps, go ahead!  Or if you get stuck, that's what the group is there for, and we will do our best to help!  Sorry, I'm not going to do videos, but I can take a ton of pictures and try to help you wrap your head around any tricky spots.  ;)  Keep at it, this is probably the longest pattern I've ever attempted, but it will come together in a magical way, trust me!

July 2 - Get all your supplies and fabrics, read through the pattern, print the labels and pieces
July 3 - Start cutting everything!
July 9 - finish cutting and fusing all the pieces
July 9 - Make the straps
July 10-12 - Front Pocket and Flap
July 13-16 - Complete the Exterior
July 17 - Facing and Top Zipper Closure
July 18 - Laptop Sleeve
July 19-22 - Interior Pockets - All of them!
July 22- 27 - Assemble the interior and put the bag together
July 28 - Finish those straps and zippers
July 31 - Final day of the Sew Along!  You should be done!

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