Wednesday, July 11, 2018

WIP Wednesday - Need To Be MORE Productive!

I feel like I have a lot I'm getting done, but somehow it doesn't look like it...I'm still cutting out the pieces for the sew-along, and running the embroidery machine non-stop!
I love this fabric...I missed my chance to get more!
The sew along is 'just for fun' and will be a new laptop bag for me, so I also have to make sure I'm staying caught up on orders and within the deadlines! I started cutting out the next order last night, a Princess Bride Pegasus that will be similar to mine, but not exactly the same!  Once that is done, I can go back to the Sew Along for a few steps, then back to the next order, a Speedwell Sling bag!

The good news for me is that purse orders have slowed down this month, but embroidery ones have picked up so I might actually get everything on my list finished, but I'm still getting quick projects to do!  

Current Projects and Orders:

  • Sew Along Factotum- outside is almost all cut, now onto lining and interfacing...
  • Speedwell sling in silhouettes fabric
  • Mermaid morning glory pouch (half cut out! just for fun project so no rush)
  • Sandra Saddle bag in blue Toothless fabric (fabric on preorder)
  • Princess Bride Pegasus - Started cutting, need to make sure I don't get behind!
  • Stitch Annette purse
  • Sydney with Castles and Disney (For a local friend who told me 'when you have time' but I told her that would be never, so leaving it on the list and bumping it near the top)
  • Need to add the Bandana purse back on the list, have the materials, just need time to figure it out
  • Sandra Saddle bag in rainbow Toothless fabric (minion order)
  • French Terry PJ shorts for one kid (and me)
  • raglan style shirt for me with hood and fun fabric

Current Embroidery Projects:

  • Etsy orders
  • Hooded towels 
  • Need to stitch up some sample bunny and bear stuffies using my awesome minky!
  • More applique key chains!  Deadpool might be making an appearance soon!

Current Crochet Projects:

  • Scrap buster C2C using random odds and ends...just needs ends woven in!
  • Started a dragon scarf with one of my Black Friday sale buys...
  • Cotton coffee cup cozies - add buttons and felties, keep making more...
  • WeeBee baby doll  - Just needs some face details, and maybe a swimsuit to wear when she's not in her tail...bikini sort of works...made up my own pattern and it's interesting...
  • Chunky Unicorn Blanket - almost finished up to the hood, then just ears, horn, and fringe!
  • C2C (corner to corner) baby doll blanket crochet with some random scarfie yarn - Need to figure out what hook I was using...
  • Mermaid tail towel, 2 skeins of yarn into this, I must be doing something wrong because it's not THAT big yet and I only have 2 or 3 more skeins to go.

Next Projects: (orders and using up fabric)

  • crayon rolls - Finish up and list on Etsy
  • Swoon Sydney messenger bags for birthday presents (from April and May...)
  •  Request for a 'small purse' for my youngest who has outgrown her Frozen Serendipity Hip...time to find it a new home!
  • Finish clematis that were cut at the same time as the swap one (3)
  • Handkerchief Purse
  • custom knit leggings - Harry Potter marauder's map, maybe some 'exercise' ones?  
  • Tote bags using my coffee panels - India Swoon Pattern?
  • Baby quilt - Jungle Path pattern
  • Ruched Shirt
  • Baby mermaid gown
  • snuggle/lap quilts using reading quotes and flannel backs

UFO list:  

Fast finishes (hopefully)

  • Crayon Rolls - precut and ready to be sewn
  • Buttons on cowls
  • Replace stripped screws on Alice in Wonderland Daryl's Drive now I need to replace the entire connector since the new one she sent is a different design, which means I need to remove some not such a fast finish!
  • Embroidered Fox pillow cover - just needs the back cut and sewn!

 Ready to go, but will take a bit more effort projects:

  • Doctor Who Pick a Pocket - Now that I've made several of these, I should be able to finish this one quickly, if I ever pull it out
  • Goldfish Lovey - fish is made, bowl is mostly made, needs put together
  • Dragon Lovey - pieces and the blanket done
  • Wisteria Wallets - 2 cut and ready to be assembled 
  • Bella II in Tula Pink Foxfield - outside is done, inside is cut and waiting for me to finish
  • Sea turtle crochet lovey
  • Crochet Worgen 
  • Alice in Wonderland Bonnie 
  • Tulip pouches - have some cut out (pattern)
  • Crochet Giraffe photographer  

Want to make - list:

  • Hobbit Bibs
  • Legendary Quilt pattern pillow
  • Pokemon quilts with custom fabric
  • Shirts for myself using the custom knit
  • Shirts/pants/leggings for my kids with the custom knits
  • MORE Purses with the custom knits
  • Embroidered kitchen towels
  • Peeker hooded towels  
  • Giant vintage star quilts - Star Wars and Princesses
  • zip around crayon rolls

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