Monday, July 9, 2018

Jelly Pen Get Carded Wallet (Dog Under My Desk)

There are some projects I should probably think about before blindly saying "I can make that, totally!"...such as this one
Howdy, Partner!
The pattern itself (Get Carded Wallet from Dog Under My Desk) is really easy and comes together great, but the thing I neglected to consider is that cotton lycra fabric is actually thicker than normal woven fabric, especially with the interfacing!  For purses this isn't a big deal, but wallets have less wiggle room.

Outside zipper pocket, rainbow isn't showing up as much in the picture
This one is made with my hoarded Jelly Pens fabric from Backstitch fabrics (good luck finding any at a reasonable price!), and while it looks super cute, there is no way I was going to try to do the final topstitching around the edge! At best, it would have only been slightly wonky, at worst it would have looked like I sewed in the middle of a brewery tour after I finished a wine country tour!

3 card slots
Large pocket is the back one, and a small one on top
Peeking inside the pocket
Per my usual luck, I found one more piece I can melt....the plastic snap!  I didn't even think about that being meltable, and of course I constructed it so that I had to open it back up almost completely to replace the snap...I really hope there is nothing left to melt, I've already done the plastic ID part, the Velcro, and now the snap I used instead of velcro...
Top shot of the ID pocket
This wallet is a nice little one to carry around, with a zipper pocket, external ID clear pocket, 4 card slots inside and one deeper pocket for paper money (folded in half).  If I ever make another one, the outside could be custom fabric, but NOT the inside also!  Usually I don't do the lining in a custom fabric, just to keep the costs down and to hoard my good fabrics...but this one was requested to have as many of the characters as possible.  After getting used for a while and possibly sat on/squished, it will settle down into a more square shape, but for now it's very...fluffy.  ;)
Outside ID pocket, didn't melt it!

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