Friday, July 6, 2018

Siren Tote Pattern Testing (XOXO by Lauren)

I love new patterns, so even when I really don't have time to sneak in a test, I usually will volunteer!  Fortunately this one is SUPER fast!
Amazing panel from Moon Beam Textiles (sold out, but maybe we'll get a re-run!)

I love this fabric, an awesome unicorn doing fun things!
The Siren Tote is going to be free for the first 3 days, so be sure to grab your copy! After that it will only be $1, so not that bad!
Washed out interior shot, it's so deep that the flash decided it had to be on
This one is very simple to make, which is like a blank palette for adding on whatever pockets, features, pretty panels, or even quilting you'd like!  It is perfect for Adult panels, so I might break a few out of my stash and whip up some for Etsy or craft shows!
My mantra.

The bag has some structure, but is still floppy enough to toss in a suitcase or another bag to have for vacation shopping, beach trips, or even just to carry your projects!  I fit a LOT in mine, including the blanket I recently finished!
Jam packed with yarn, more yarn, and an entire nap blanket (covers me head to toe)
If I make myself another one, I'll add in a deep pocket to stick my patterns in, and maybe a tab to close the top when I'm not carrying a big project.
Barely half filled, with 3 skeins of yarn, 2 little pouches (Clematis and Tulip), and a  sheet of paper sized pattern
The bottom piece I used my rainbow vinyl for, and it gives it a little protection.  I might add on some purse feet next time.  The shoulder straps are nice length for over the shoulder and not too long.  You could replace them with a long adjustable strap pretty easy too!
Even if you miss the pattern when it's free, $1 is still a great deal!  What awesome fabric do you have in your stash begging to be showcased?

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