Monday, July 2, 2018

Marauder's Map Ellen's Esplanade (ChrisW Designs)

Sometimes when I get busy a project slips through the cracks and never gets shared!  This Marauder's Map Ellen's Esplanade is too cute to be neglected!
Fabric is from several groups, Affordable Fabrics and More for the main maps
Top zips shut
Inside dark shot - Ravenclaw fabric!
The purse is actually a quick sew, but we added a few pockets and changed it up a little to make it exactly what the customer wanted.  To show off the marauder's map fabric, I cut the outside as one huge piece so that only one side would have the center seam, and then we could easily add an outside zipper pocket on the unseamed side.  Inside is the Pocket Supplement, which was originally part of the Bag of the Month Club patterns, but now is available separately.  It is an amazing pocket feature that looks more complicated than it is!
Outside zipper pocket
Supplement Pocket - It's 3 slip pockets plus a pen pocket...
Another zipper pocket inside, the one I use to turn the bag!
We wanted to get several different fabrics on this bag, so the outside end pockets each are a different fabric!  One end is a stained glass Potter (Shattered from Hapa), and the other is called 'Three Brother's" (Hapa Fabrics) and has the images from the story.
Amazing colors on this stained glass print!

Three Brothers...and a tiger.
Tiger hiding in the pocket
Part of this order was also a 'coordinating' key fob, but the gold hardware with the metallic gold fabric was too perfect to pass up!  I have the supplies to make more of these, I should probably do that since they are easy and fun!
Batman feels a little confused by this map

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